Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet the Board: Jessica Mulder, Paralegal Liaison

For the next several weeks on the OBCLAA Blog, we will be introducing OBCLAA's 2013-2014 Board. As we introduce the leadership of the Alumni Association, you will catch a glimpse of the goals we hope to see accomplished this year. It is our hope that something you will read here will give you an idea for how YOU can get involved. Please feel free to post a reply or contact individual Board members.

Jessica first heard about OBCL in junior high and has had a life-long fascination with law and justice.  Prior to enrolling in OBCL, she earned her undergrad in General Business from Excelsior College (Albany, NY) in 2006.  From operating a home-based organizational service and working as an administrative assistant at a church and private school, Jessica developed skills that translate directly into what is necessary to be a paralegal.  In 2007 she was able to return to her early dream and enrolled in OBCL’s paralegal program, later passing the Certified Legal Assistant exam in 2008. In 2009, Jessica became paralegal to the senior partner at Perlstein, Sandler & McCracken, LLC, where she assists the lawyers in serving over 350 condominiums and homeowner associations throughout the state. In addition to law, Jessica enjoys singing, traveling, working with children, photography, and being involved in missions.

OBCL was a great match because of the affordability and flexibility that its long-distance program offered.  It is a joy for Jessica to be the Paralegal Liaison this year to further the networking of paralegals and attorneys within the alumni of OBCL. She had this to say about her goals for this year: “I am looking forward to contacting the paralegal grads in the months to come to connect them to the alumni association through calls and the newsletters.  Once again I will be organizing the mentor program for the current students in their studies.  And generally I am thrilled to help our paralegals to be excited about what they do and to help them network with other OBCL paralegals and lawyers.”

If you have any questions for Jessica about how you can be involved, she can be reached by e-mail at

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