Friday, November 12, 2010

Alumni in the News VIII

It has been a while since we had an installment of our "Alumni in the News" segment, but that's not because Alumni haven't been busy! Let's take a look...

Mike Reitz writes in Washington State's largest paper on Washington's open-meetings law.

Timmy Teepell finds himself managing political crises.

Meredith Turney writes about California jobs in the latest installment of her regular Townhall column.

Peter Fear and Gabe Waddell team up with Pacific Justice Institute to educate activists on the Constitution.

Brian Tyson is featured in the Georgia Criminal Appellate Law blog.

Peter Fear digs deep into the mortgage crisis.

I'm sure there are many more stories from Alumni out there. If you hear of an OBCLer in the news, be sure to e-mail the tip to Mark Bigger at

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Constitution, the Tea Party, and Tell Ten

The wave of political activism that swept the nation in the past months is bringing about a renewed desire by activists to understand the foundations of the freedoms we enjoy. After all, our common fight for freedom is the essence of what makes us American.

(To the right: OBCLAA President Nathan Deladurantey speaking at Liberty Day 2010.)

As a graduate of OBCL, I'm quite proud to tell people that I studied at a school that makes it a point not only to teach our Constitution, but also the philosophical underpinnings of our system of government - the foundations of the freedoms that we enjoy today (and take for granted all too often). The OBCL education gives students the chance to steep in the ideas that made us a great nation.

And it gives alumni the footing to go out and be an integral part of this fight for freedom - a task that many alumni take very seriously, by working in politics, public interest and Constitutional law, by donating time and money to organizations that lead the fight, and by being involved on a grassroots level.

All of these opportunities present alumni with the perfect opportunity to spread the word about OBCL, too. Law school might not be for everyone, but for the person that wants to go in-depth into this study of freedom, OBCL is a terrific opportunity.

Alumni Peter Fear and I had the chance to speak at a couple of Tea Party events in the last couple of weeks, as a group put on a "Constitution Bus Tour" aimed at educating and encouraging activists in our Constitution. We had a great time discussing a wide variety of Constitutional topics, and I received a very positive response after sharing about OBCL. People that want to fight for freedom are looking for training for themselves, their children, and their friends, and for some, OBCL might just be that opportunity.

So while you're out fighting for freedom, let me encourage you to throw OBCL into the mix. Seems like a fantastic fit to me - and a great way to massively exceed your Tell Ten goals!

(To the left: Gabe Waddell speaking at a get-out-the-vote rally in Northern California.)