Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet the Board: Mark Bigger, President

For the next several of weeks on the OBCLAA Blog, we will be introducing OBCLAA's 2013-2014 Board. As we introduce the leadership of the Alumni Association, you will catch a glimpse of the goals we hope to see accomplished this year. It is our hope that something you will read here will give you an idea for how YOU can get involved. Please feel free to post a reply or contact individual Board members. 

Mark is an Oregon native and the longest-standing member of the OBCLAA Board of Directors. A member California and Oregon bars, Mark currently lives and practices traffic law in Bakersfield, California. Mr. Bigger has a traffic law practice where he actively protects the right to travel by motor carriage with logic and due process. Mark is also on the board of the Oak Brook College of Law as one of three graduate members currently serving. He is the Legislative Director and a board member on the California Traffic Defense Bar Association. Mark has also provided Continuing Legal Education courses on zealously and ethically defending indigent clients to the public defenders offices in Madera and Placer counties.
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In his free time, Mark enjoys basketball, tennis, hiking, reading, and rooting for the Seahawks and Blazers. He also has been known to take cars on the road less traveled.

As the President of the Alumni Association, Mark recognizes the importance of strengthening the College for future generations of graduates and students. As part of that strengthening process, the Alumni Association will be working with the administration of the College to help increase student enrollment, bar passage rates, and job placement, all with the goal of providing a top notch Christian legal education at an affordable price. Accomplishing those priorities requires involvement from those who care about the school and are willing to be engaged in making sure that we are the educational “city on a hill” that we are called to be. Communication with alumni and offering a support system to help achieve our full potential will be a top priority.

Please contact Mark at with any questions or comments, or if you would like to become more involved.