Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OBCL - Where Value Exceeds Cost

The Alumni Association's College Liaison, Anita Paulsson, has been working with OBCL staff on a project to detail and illustrate the cost-effectiveness of OBCL's legal training.

At the same time, OBCL is in the process of kicking off a brand-new blog to highlight the college's news. Anita put her work into one of the first posts up on that blog, and shares her personal testimony along with the hard-and-fast statistics on OBCL's great value, both educationally and fiscally. Great work, Anita!

Read it here: Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy - Where Value Exceeds Cost

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Washington State Supreme Court Coming to a Community near You!

"The Supreme Court of the State of Washington is now in session." It was a rainy day in May when the Washington State Supreme Court convened at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake to hear oral arguments in three cases. With the audience largely consisting of college students for the first case heard by the Washington Supreme Court on May 18, 2010, I had to remind myself this was the real thing, not a law school moot court. As the students returned to their classes, the audience thinned to a discouragingly few for the second case.

According to their website, the Washington Supreme Court has made periodic visits to communities throughout the state since 1985, welcoming and making it more possible for the public to observe that branch of government in action. As the oral arguments began in the second case, nearly everyone simultaneously looked up as the first attorney to speak began discussing a case from 1895. That date clearly arrested the attention of everyone there and reminded me that how you begin your argument can make a difference.

For the citizens of Washington State, these visits by their state supreme court are great opportunities to learn more about the Washington Supreme Court and the current justices. I would encourage not only every attorney and law student but also every concerned citizen to take every opportunity possible to visit and observe their state supreme court in action.

RSVP for Tahoe on Facebook!

Brandon Stallings, our Alumni Relations chairman, has created our official Tahoe Facebook page. Be sure to RSVP to let us (and other Alumni) know that you are coming to the annual meeting and retreat!

Check it out here.