Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ahead of the Game

What is the ONE characteristic that makes Oak Brook lawyers the most unconventional? The most unusual? Counter-cultural?

It may be this: we don't have law school debt.

In this month's Bar Journal, California State Bar President Howard Miller wrote the following:
The cost of legal education has skyrocketed, not just at private schools. At Berkeley Law and UCLA, tuition alone is now around $38,000 a year. With many fewer jobs available, students are graduating with combined undergraduate and law school debt of well over $150,000.
Meanwhile, a typical OBCL grad is equipped to work, save, travel, and [if the past is any indication] start a new family . . . all outside the shadow of a mountain of debt.

Not a bad deal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alumni in the News III

OBCL Graduate Will Humble scores a victory for Homeschooling liberty in an immigration case.

OBCL Graduate Gabe Waddell writes about an Iranian pastor facing martyrdom for his beliefs.