Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oak Brook Graduates Release Critically Acclaimed New Book

Oak Brook graduates Bob Renaud and Lael Weinberger have written a new book designed to inform believers of the intersection between church discipline and freedom of religion. A Tale of Two Governments: Church Discipline, The Courts, and the Separation of Church and State is already available online at Amazon and other retail outlets.

R.C. Sproul, Jr. says this in praise of their work: “A Tale of Two Governments, with wisdom and both legal and biblical fidelity, affirms the authority of both church and state, while demonstrating the lordship of Christ over all things. Insightful, practical and sound.”  

A Tale of Two Governments provides a valuable resource for pastors, church leaders, lawyers, and others concerned about the freedom to practice religion in an increasingly intrusive society. Bob and Lael have provided a valuable service by investigating carefully an intersection of an area of law and a role of the church rarely examined in a scholarly and thoughtful way.

To read more comments on A Tale of Two Governments from respected church leaders like John MacArthur and George Grant, visit the book's official website. Or visit the book's Amazon page to pick it up in paperback or Kindle format.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tahoe 2012: OBCL alum Nathan DeLadurantey on Stephen Fairley

Here's what OBCL alum and Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney Nathan DeLadurantey has to say about Stephen Fairley's marketing presentations:
Nathan and wife Jeanine
Five years ago, I attended a conference on attorney marketing that has defined my entire legal practice. One of the keynote speakers was Stephen Fairley.

A question that Stephen posed to the group was whether we were building a "law practice" or a "law business."  He then shared with the group a variety of methods, policies and approaches to employ effective marketing strategies to create a sustainable business.  I left that conference with a list of practical tasks to actually create an effective marketing strategy for my practice.  I still have the original list in my desk - and I still use it.

Since that time, I have been blessed with a practice ( that has become one of the larger bankruptcy firms here in Milwaukee.  I am fortunate enough to work with (soon-to-be) three full time associate attorneys (all OBCL grads!), four excellent legal assistants, and provide a comfortable living for my family. 

I started my practice because I want to support important charity and political causes while providing for my family.  The principles of marketing and of building a firm based on solid reputation, relationships, and customer service that Stephen Fairley teaches will help attorneys with the same purpose as mine reach their goals.  I am excited to have Stephen come to Tahoe and know he can have a great impact on the success of Oak Brook graduates.
(Haven't registered yet? Click here to access the registration form! See you in Tahoe!!!)

Tahoe 2012: OBCL alum Mark Bigger on Stephen Fairley

Here's what OBCL grad and Bakersfield criminal law attorney Mark Bigger has to say about Stephen Fairley's marketing presentations:
I’ve just started the process of implementing Stephen Fairley’s principles in my practice and I am already seeing great results. To build a practice that you can control and turn into an asset rather than just a place where you work is an important part of Stephen’s philosophy. I am excited that Stephen is willing to share with OBCL grads in Tahoe.

Tahoe 2012: OBCLAA hosts Stephen Fairley

This year, for the first time ever, the OBCLAA is pleased to announce that we have a guest speaker for the annual alumni weekend. 

We've invited small-firm marketing expert Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute to address our members---and he's accepted!

The topics for Stephen's presentation are...
Hour 1: how to double your referral base in six months
Hour 2: how to develop a good social media marketing plan

Both of these sessions will benefit not only those who can turn around and apply the principles to their own firms, but any alumnus or student who would like some ideas for helping OBCL to succeed in the coming years.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome Stephen Fairley to our meeting. Best of all, there will be no additional fee to attend these sessions---it's all included in your conference registration (speaking of which, don't forget to register today!!!).

See you in Tahoe!